Paris hosts the 9th Chinese Film Festival2014-11-06

The 9th Festival Du Cinema Chinois De Paris is being held in Paris from Nov 4 to 18.

Chinese relics exhibition2014-10-23

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Francois Hollande have written a preface for Chinese cultural relics exhibition.

Horse-dragon and spider to 'battle' in Beijing2014-10-16

A 47-ton giant robotic horse and a 37-ton mechanical spider were previewed in Beijing's Olympic Park on Oct 15.

Miao embroidery on exhibition in Paris2014-10-09

The 2014 China Miao Embroidery Exhibition for Public Benefit opened at Xinhua Photo Gallery in downtown Paris on Sept 30.

China Animation Film Festival opened in Paris2014-09-26

The China Animation Film Festival was held in China Cultural Center in Paris on Sept 17.

Master and His Masters exhibition2014-08-27

An exhibition, Xu Beihong - A Master and His Masters is underway at the Henan Museum.

Xu Beihong and his French masters' paintings2014-08-18

The exhibition displays over 100 pieces of art by Chinese art master Xu Beihong and French art masters .

Chinese ink paintings shine in France2014-08-06

A joint art exhibition was held in France with works of 14 Chinese ink painting artists and French artists.

Volti exhibition underway2014-07-24

The exhibition is currently underway in Beijing and will run through August 17.

Sino-French festival continues to impress2014-07-09

The Festival Croisements 2014 will officially close this week, but that doesn't mean the end to exciting cultural events.

Fictional Reality, Sino-French Digital Art Exhibition2014-06-04

The AV@AR gathers 14 pieces of digital art works from both Chinese and French artists.

French authors set out on the Yangtze River2014-05-23

Five French writers have started a 10-day tour along the Yangtze River in China.

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