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Film scripts

2014-04-03 17:20:04



Wang Xingdong: film scripts should be included in the Lu Xun Literature Prize Wang Xingdong, national CPPCC member, Deputy President of the Chinese Film Association and the Institute of Chinese Film Literature, proposed that the the film script should be included in the Lu Xun Litersture Prize.

According to Wang Xuedong, film scripts are literary works based on literary creations, and besides filmmaking, they has various social functions shared with publication, reading and communication. The original film script is no more than 40 thousand words and more complex than some literary works and it is based on cinematic means, dramatic structure and visual poetic depiction, adding to its high literary value.

He believes that the film script is created by the writers in the process of literary creation, so it should not be excluded from China’s highest literary award.