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Expanding traditional Chinese culture

2014-03-30 18:40:20



Obey the student rules and listen to the sage’s teaching, respect your parents and keep your words…”

Children in the Confucius Temple in Jiading Town are reading Chinese classical article “Student Rules” in a rhythmic manner as the article is written in three-character verses.

It’s the first class by Qiuxiapu Academy of Classical Learning held at Confucius Temple in Jiading. Similar classes will be held there every Saturday morning.

On the first day, the teacher gave each child a new student name with Cheng, or honesty, in the middle of the names. The teacher then taught the children to greet each other by making a bow with hands folded in front.

Teacher Li Nairu said traditional Chinese culture is embodied in details in real life.

“On the one hand we will show children traditional culture, and at the same time we hope they would understand Chinese culture deeper by practicing etiquette,” Li said.

Then Li led the students to the side of a pond to better understand lyrics in the classical work.

“The Confucius Temple used to be a learning venue, and it also serves as an important sign of classical culture. In this environment, students can learn classical works better,” Li said.

Qiuxiapu Academy of Classical Learning moved into Confucius Temple last July with the support of Jiading’s culture department. The academy will have a library, a teaching hall and a teaching research base.

The academy has published a series of 24 Chinese ancient civilization elementary textbooks for primary and middle school students complied by more than 20 institutions in China.

It also plans to publish audiovisual products suitable for all.