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Cultural consumption highlights in 2014

2014-03-30 18:09:21



According to Zhao Ping, deputy director of the Consumption Economy Research Department of Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, information consumption is expected to be a major highlight in 2014. Hardware and communications are both expected to enjoy significant growth, while e-commerce, audio and video will also perform well in their markets.

Cartoons: closely integrated with other industries

After years of development, China's cartoon industry has formed a complete industry chain. Nowadays, the cartoon industry cooperates closely with new media - the output value of cartoons for mobiles has seen rapid growth. According to analysts, in 2014 links between cartoons and other industries will be even tighter. Many cartoon video games will be produced, and fiction and drama based on cartoons will be new bright spots.

According to Li Jianping, dean of the Beijing Film Academy Animation Institute, the development of the cartoon industry should be diversified, and not confined to existing structures. The key is to enhance quality and deliver positive synergies.

Works of art: painting and calligraphy still play the main role

In the Chinese art market, traditional painting and calligraphy always take a major share. Although contemporary arts are emerging, this basic situation has not changed. Arts insiders generally believe that in 2014 modern paintings and calligraphy will remain steady in the market.

According to Wu Yongqiang, professor of Sichuan University Art School, traditional painting and calligraphy always takes up half of the Chinese art market, and their time has not yet come to a close. In 2014, the art market will still see painting and calligraphy as the principal players.

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