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Wang Qishan on Korean dramas

2014-03-30 17:49:42



Yesterday afternoon Wang Qinshan used My Love from the Star as an example, saying that Confucianism lies at the core and soul of Korean dramas, He also said we must trust ourselves and believe in China’s five thousand year old culture when Zhang Heping, the delegate of NPC and president of the People’s Art Theater, talked about the dilemma of his theater.

Zhang Heping explained that stage actors respect art and love the People’s Art Theater, and are not after money. “I thought they would not come back if the People’ Art Theater became a corporation. Supporting the stage is generous, and they need to be humble at the People’s Art Theater no matter how reputable they are in society. And this certainly shows how they hold art in great esteem,” he said.

Zhang Heping said The Sadness of Comedy was performed more than 50 times, and its box-office revenue amounted to 19.55 million RMB, which he described by saying, “Buying a play ticket is like buying a train ticket during Spring Festival.” So how much did Chen Daoming and He Bing earn from the hit play? Every performer received 1,500 yuan before tax, and in the end earned 165,000 yuan after the play was performed 55 times, so these actors and actresses can make tens of thousands of RMB, or hundreds of thousands, or even millions.

Wang Qishan suddenly said, “They are not doing it for money, they enjoy it.”

Later, Wang Qishan referred to culture and said, “Now, I read books seriously and think of the truth that China cannot develop without the heritage of our ancestors. Recently, is the drama ‘One Star’ very popular?” he asked.

My Love from the Star”, someone answered.

Wang Qishan continued, “The young people in the back even know what these leaders don’t know.” “Korean dramas”, he pointed his hand towards the back seat.

Wang Qishan said he thinks about the question of why Korean dramas exist in China’s market across the sea, influencing America and even Europe. Afterall the song Gangnam Style swept America last year. “To be honest, sometimes I watch Korean dramas but finally I get the answer, the core and soul of Korean dramas is Confucianism, which is the distillation of Chinese culture.”

“We see the hope of Chinese culture. Ke Wang was once well-known by audiences, telling some family stories, which is exactly the distillation of Chinese culture. Dramas reveal the contents of Chinese culture. Therefore we need to trust ourselves, believe in the Chinese civilization of five thousand years,” he added.