Mount Sanqingshan  

The 32th World Heritage Conference witnessed the inscription of Mount Sanqingshan National Park in China into the World Heritage List, which symbolizes that the Mountain has officially become the seventh World Natural Heritage Site in China. Mount Sanqingshan is situated in Shangrao City, northeast of Jiangxi Province. The scenic spot is covered with thousands of picturesque peaks and tumbling gullies, in which the age-old trees flourish and rare birds and animals inhabit. The plane view of Mount Sanqingshan is in lotus-leaf shape, which slants from southeast to northwest.

During the long-term evolvement of the earth, Mount Sanqingshan, free from the influences of the Quaternary glaciations, has miraculously kept various landforms and “collected” a lot of ancient plants. The concentration of fantastically shaped granite pillars and peaks has won the favor of experts on world natural heritage, and their remarks go like this, “Within the range of a 22950 ha. area, a consecutive one-billion-year history of geological evolvement has been recorded; it is the optimal place for the international study of the history of the earth as well as the ancient plate tectonics of Yangtze and Huaxia; it has the grand and grotesque landscape of granite pillars and peaks, and is a natural museum of the physiognomy of granite pillars and peaks.

In the meantime, it is a famous Taoist mountain of over 1600-year history in which the philosophical thought of “the Tao Way follows nature” and the simple and unsophisticated art of Taoist architecture are the spiritual wealth of the mountain. The ancient cultural heritage of Mount Sanqingshan has been well preserved, which can be called a paragon of the integration of billions of years natural evolvement and thousands of years cultural development.


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