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World's largest seed collection

The "Seed Cathedral" in the United Kingdom Pavilion

The centerpiece of the UK Pavilion will be the “Seed Cathedral” that contains more than 60,000 seeds of various plants.

Visitors will be surrounded by the seeds, each in a long thin crystal rod implanted in the illuminated walls and ceiling of the fuzzy cube-like structure. They can watch, touch and recognize the seeds.

After the World Expo Shanghai, the seeds will be planted around China.

Around 100 visitors can visit the 20-meter cube at any time.

Tip: Log onto www.ukshanghaiexpo.com, the official Website of the UK Pavilion, before visiting the "Seed Cathedral." The names and pictures of the seeds are displayed.

World's largest crystal wall

The core exhibition in the Joint Private Enterprises Pavilion

Tens of thousands of crystals from Swarovski, the Austrian luxury crystal glass jewelry brand, are embedded in a wall of the pavilion mainly built by 16 of China's leading private enterprises.

Lights will illuminate the crystal wall so that the carefully cut stones sparkle, dazzle and seem to move.

More than 10,000 private companies sponsor the pavilion and their names are

carved on the wall that symbolizes the spirit of Chinese private companies.

Tip: Wear sunglasses if you want to watch the wall for a long time: the awesome spectacle can be tiring for the eyes.

World's oldest welcome ritual

Maori dances in the New Zealand Pavilion

Maori performers will stage kapa haka, an ancient Maori dance, at the waiting area of the pavilion every day to welcome visitors.

The loud and vigorous performance involves choral singing, dancing and hand-to-hand combat movements.


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The World Expo is a large-scale, global, non-commercial Expo. The hosting of the World Expo must be applied for by a country and approved by the international World Expo committee.

The name of the mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is Hai Bao, which means the treasure of the sea.

The emblem, depicting the image of three people-you, me, him/her holding hands together, symbolizes the big family of mankind.

The theme of Expo 2010 is "Better City, Better Life," representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in future urban environments.


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