In Madrid

A full view of the center buildings

The Chinese Cultural Center in Madrid was established according to the Agreement on Mutual Establishment of Cultural Centers between China and Spain, signed by the two governments in 2005. It is the fourth Chinese Cultural Center established in Europe, as well as one of the largest.

The center is at No. 73, Calle General Pardiñas Street in the district of Barrio de Salamanca, the center of Madrid city.

It consists of Building A and Building B, with a courtyard in between, covering a total area of nearly 3,000 sq m. The four floors in Building A are equipped with an exhibition hall, art gallery, library, lecture hall, Chinese classroom and Chinese teahouse. In the four floors in Building B, there are a multi-function hall, martial arts classroom, music classroom and cooking classroom. And in the courtyard there is an outdoor service area for the Chinese teahouse, together with fountains and plant decorations.

The center’s buildings are fully equipped with advanced facilities and WIFI covering the whole area. The center can be used to organize high-level exhibitions, film screenings, theatrical performances, concerts, academic reports and professional meetings, as well as small activities including seminars, teaching courses and craft workshops. It is an ideal place to hold various cultural activities.

The center is a cultural platform oriented for the Spanish public. Besides holding cultural activities, it also cooperates with local cultural institutes to promote communications, thus deepening the mutual understanding between the Chinese and Spanish people.

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