Fan Zeng's Debut in Ordos Lights up the Asia Arts Festival(Exclusive)  

A solo exhibition by Fan Zeng featuring painting, calligraphy, poetry and literature, titled Auspicious Clouds in the North to the Great Wall, is now showing at Songling Museum of Dongsheng District in Ordos, Inner Mongolia.

An important highlight of the 11th Asia Arts Festival, the exhibition will last from August 17 to 23.

Fan is considered to be a contemporary master in China and has achieved great heights in painting, literature and calligraphy.

He was even appointed the title of Multi-cultural Special Advisor by UNESCO.

Though Fan has held many exhibitions at festivals, both home and abroad, it is the first time that he has ever unveiled a solo exhibition in a city at a prefectural level.

In preparation for the event Fan isolated himself for several months from all visitors, devoting his entire efforts to the 108 works of this exhibition.

As observers will quickly realize, Fan successfully fuses elements of landscape, flower, bird and figure painting into his works, integrating poetry, calligraphy and painting.

Some critics note that he is incredibly well skilled in a type of innovative painting language.

As an added treat, the exhibition also features a video program to better assist viewers' understanding of Fan's art.

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