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Search and Anticipation

《Search and Anticipation》

Lyrics: Sun Jiazheng
(Minister of Culture, Chairman of China Federation of Literary)

Composed by: Meng Weidong
(famous composer)

Going through the mist of history
Away from the modern crowds
Climbing the steep mountains
Along rarely trodden ancient paths
Searching, searching, searching, searching
Searching a thousand times over
Searching, searching, searching, searching
Searching for the origin, searching for the root
Searching for my dream
Untold bitter winters, blistering summers
Untold sleepless nights
Transfixed by your mystery
Feeling your sincere smile
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
Waiting a thousand times over
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
Waiting a thousand years
Waiting for the history and the future
Safeguarding a spiritual home
Safeguarding the pride of a nation

Introduction of the Writer of Lyrics and Composer of The First International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival Anthem

Writer of the Lyrics: Mr. Sun Jiazheng

In the summer of 2005, in a conversation with Mr. Shan Jixiang, the Head of State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Mr. Sun Jiazheng, Minister of the Culture Ministry of China, spoke of the conservation of cultural heritage and cultural relics, and the loneliness and hardship archeological professionals have to deal with. Mr. Shan suggested writing a song for those devoted to the conservation and research of cultural heritage, so Mr. Sun wrote the poem "Seeking and Watching" as the lyrics for that song, which quickly became well-known in cultural circles.
The lyrics of "Seeking and Watching" also reflect Mr. Sun Jiazheng' s own feeling and thoughts. A graduate of the Chinese Literature Department of The University of Nanjing and appointed to be head of the State Administration of Radio and Television and minister of the China Culture Ministry, Mr. Sun has not written many poems, but every piece of work he has written is based on his genuine feeling and thoughts. He is one of the intellectuals seeking to preserve the diversity of world culture and promote contemporary Chinese art and culture on the global stage.

Composer: Mr. Meng Weidong

Born in 1955 in Beijing, Mr. Meng Weidong enrolled in the army in 1970 and then started composing music. In 1984, he was admitted to the Composition Department of the Central Conservatory of Music. At present, he is a member of the Chinese Musician Association and director of the Art Department of China Railway Art and Performance Organization. In the past ten years, Mr. Meng has composed a great deal of music works, including "The Same Song," the opera "Thunder Storm," the children's musical "Peasant and Snake," and the puppet play the "Flower Fairy," many of which have been well received by the public.

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