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Protecting the Cultural Heritage Sites of the 20th Century

How to make valid laws and regulations to better protect the 20th century’s cultural heritage sites, harmonizing with the protection of ancient heritage sites, is the problem needed to be solved first.

Beijing 798 Art District

Experts hold that the 20th century’s heritage sites should be evaluated materially and spiritually, in order to avoid their destruction and loss. All the heritage sites of the 20th century should be investigated thoroughly and registered and classified in light of their condition.

Certainly, making good use of these cultural heritage sites is another way to protect them. Turning old factory buildings into creative centers is a good example. The Beijing 798 Art District where there used to be a factory with 50 years’ history, has become the most attractive base for cultural and creative industries in Beijing now. Also, situated in Beijing’s Chaoyang Park, the former site of Beijing gas appliances works has been reconstructed as an arena for the beach volleyball for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, embodying the harmony between protection and reuse.

Arena for the beach volleyball for the 2008 Beijing Olympics


Professionals are badly needed in protecting cultural heritage sites as well. With specialized knowledge, they can not only provide appropriate protection for those heritage sites but also make more and more people aware of the importance of protecting the cultural heritage sites of the 20th century.

By  Feng Hui

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