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A rare chance to understand Dunhuang

The “Dunhuang Art Exhibition” would not have been a great hit without the participation of many volunteer narrators. Right before the exhibition, NAMOC singled out qualified volunteers to serve as museum narrators for the Dunhuang exhibition. Zheng Zhanqing was one of the volunteer narrators. Zheng says: “I’m really honored to be a volunteer narrator for this exhibition. I have never been to Dunhuang to have a look. Yet, this exhibition provides me a rare chance to get close to Dunhuang art and those whose mission is to safeguard and protect Dunhuang art.”

Wang Zhongxu is a student from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He went to see the exhibition twice at NAMOC. He says: “With the exhibition at NAMOC, more people are likely to be exposed to Dunhuang art. I’m a fan on Chinese art. I learn a lot from this exhibition. I can feel the grandeur of Dunhuang art and also the talented and charismatic artists who devoted themselves to Dunhuang art protection.”

By Dong Jirong

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