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Photos weave together the fabric of imagination

2014-05-26 10:10:57

(China Daily) By Wu Yiyao


Gao Tunzi photographs the daily scenes of the ethnic Qiang people with a focus on embroidery. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Photographer and filmmaker Gao Tunzi will present a visual exhibition portraying rural ethnic Qiang, and especially their embroidery, as a "gift" for Shanghai youth for International Children's Day.

Many of the 16 photos on display at Atrium, a public space in a Shanghai shopping mall, feature scenes of the daily lives of the ethnic Qiang people who live in southwestern China, mostly in Sichuan province.

Many of the images, selected from thousands Gao has shot since 2008, feature the ethnicity's colorful embroidery. Embroidery has remained important to the Qiang for millennia as a medium to tell stories from sagas to family histories.

You Liyu, a 35-year-old mother who brought her child to the show, says many parents are buying their kids clothes for the holiday.

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