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Jiangxi culture month opens in Beijing

2014-03-03 17:22:01

( By Yang Qi


Jade pendant in a shape of a bird-like figure with rings (Shang Dynasty, 16th Century B.C.—11 Century B.C.) was unearthed in Dayangzhou, Xingan County, Jiangxi province in 1989.[Photo/]

The exhibition Sensational Land: Treasures of Jiangxi is underway at Beijing's Capital Museum. The exhibition, as one of most important parts of the Jiangxi Culture Month from Jiangxi province, began March 1 in the nation's capital.

At the exhibition, visitors can appreciate more than 160 valuable cultural relics, including Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) porcelain, which is on the list of 64 cultural relics that are forbidden to be exhibited abroad, a bronze tiger from the Shang Dynasty (16th Century B.C.-11 th Century B.C.), and eight authentic paintings from Chinese monk painter Bada Shanjen (Pa-ta Shan-jen; Ju Da or Chu Ta).

The exhibition will run through May 2014 at the Capital Museum.

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