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Opera The Ballad of Canal

2014-01-27 11:12:24



Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Opera House

Dates: Feb. 11, 2014-Feb. 16, 2014

Duration: approximate 160 mins (intermission included)

Price: VIP/680/600/550/450/280/100 RMB


Production: National Centre for the Performing Arts

Composer: Yin Qing

Playwrighst: Huang Weiruo, Dong Ni

Conductor: Lu Jia

Director: Liao Xianghong

Stage Design: Liu Xinglin

Costume Design: Li Ruiding

Lighting Design: Hu Yaohui

Music Coach: Huang Xiaoman

Physical Director: Xiao Yanying

Leading Cast: Wang Lida, Wang Hongwei, Wang Li, Sun Li, Wang Zhe, Wang Zenan, Jin Tingting, Wang Hexiang

Chorus: NCPA Chorus

Orchestra: NCPA Orchestra

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with the history of over 2500 years is an artificial miracle on par with the Great Wall created by ancient Chinese. The original opera The Ballad of Canal is the first national opera presented by NCPA, in the style of folk singing. It describes the ups and downs of the characters on the canal and their vicissitudes including joys and sorrows, good and evil, life and death, as well as righteousness witnessed by the canal. The show integrates the cream of Chinese cultural essence like opera, folk songs and folk customs, showing the unique artistic texture and charisma of folk operas.

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