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Kunqu Opera staged in Suzhou Gardens

2013-07-01 10:49:14



Kunqu opera and the Suzhou gardens are two of the most prized cultural treasures in China, and now they have come together for a very special show. (CNTV)

The organizer hopes to fuse tangible with intangible treasures to form a richer performance. Kunqu opera is thought to be most at home when performed in a garden, and gardens are elevated to a higher mode of existence through opera.

Cai Shaohua, Director of Suzhou Academy of Kunqu Opera, said, "We used modern lighting technology and other techniques to enhance the experience, but at its core it is still about the coming together of two classical cultural elements."

This artistic attempt has been well received by audiences in Suzhou and in major cities like Beijing. And many believe it could be a way forward for the ancient art form to reach a modern Chinese audience.

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