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World Cultures Festival 2011—Enchanting Arts of Asia


Meanwhile, The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Dance Company made memorable appearances. Inspired by Wu’s famous painting, Two Swallows– Ode to Wu Guanzhong brought by the Hong Kong Dance Company, led audiences to appreciate the eye-catching, river-side scenery. Roaming the idyllic countryside along the Yangtze River, the epic dance poem depicted the painter's lifelong pursuit of freedom and explores the solitude of artistic conception.

Taiwan's genius choreographer Lin Lee-chen, who was named among the eight most significant choreographers in the world in 2002 by ARTE, one of the most important art and culture television channels in Europe, brought Legend Lin Dance Theatre to Hong Kong for the first time. The dance work Song of Pensive Beholding was imbued with the intensity and spiritual essence of ritual theatre, expressing the exquisite beauty of the orient.


The festival also presented different kinds of musical programs, which included the concert of Japan's premier solo Taiko drummer, Eitetsu Hayashi and a brilliant work of musical theatre from India – The Manganiyar Seduction.

Apart from the Peace and Harmony - The Divine Spectra of China's Fragrant Harbour: with 108 Aloes of Sacred Scriptue and Related Artifacts, which was presented together with the Chinese World Cultural Heritage Foundation, the festival also provided other eye-opening exhibitions, workshops, master classes, talks, school tours, free foyer and outdoor performances as part of its endeavor to bring arts to every part of the community.


Refocusing on Asia, this year’s festival has honored the multi-faceted traditions and creativity of Asian arts, showed various cultural treasures from all parts of Asia, and offered a valuable platform to facilitate cultural exchange for Asian artists.

Translated by Yan Shan

Editor: Shi Liwei

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