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World Cultures Festival 2011—Enchanting Arts of Asia


The World Cultures Festival 2011 — Enchanting Arts of Asia, which was presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong, opened at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on Oct 20 and lasted for a month.


Previous themes for the biennial World Cultures Festival have included Latin Passion, Mediterranean and Silk Road, offering a spectacular world cultural display. This autumn, the festival brought us back to Asia and Enchanting Arts of Asia has provided the audience with varied and inspiring programs presented by arts groups and artists from the Asian region.


Enchanting Arts of Asia opened with ballet classics by the world-renowned National Ballet of China. Their ballet performances included Ballet Gala, which featured excerpts from timeless masterpieces by Chinese and Western choreographers, including The Red Detachment of Women and Swan Lake. It closed with the Red Mansion Troupe of the Shanghai Yueju Opera House – featuring a line-up of Yue Opera favorites. Another wonderful closing program was presented by the multi-award winning dance master, Akram Khan, whose stellar creative team included Hong Kong's Best Art Direction Oscar-winner Tim Yip.

Providing Programs with Asian characteristics

At this festival, the audience appreciated many conventional performances with Asian characteristics, which included classical operas brought by the Red Mansion Troupe of the Shanghai Yueju Opera House, a thousand-year-old art form by Vietnam's Thang Long Water Puppet Troupe and enthralling Korean dance and music by Chae Hyang Soon Dance Company.

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