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Shoushan Stone Carving by Lin Wenlin

Jadeis a rare colorful and hard stone, and it is usually polished and carved to makejadeware. Jade items are precious and rare treasures of China.

Chinese jadeware has a long history. Jade objects of theLiangzhuCulture of the Neolithic Age were unearthed inZhejiang Province, and they appear delicate and beautiful. Jadeware production skills were greatly improved in the Zhou and Shang dynasties, and jade objects of that time include production tools, weapons, daily utensils, ornaments and sacrificial vessels.

Citrine Carving

In theZhou Dynasty, jade was imbued by the ruling class with the concepts of benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, faithfulness, wisdom and courage. Thus jade wares were not only ornaments, but also symbols of social virtue and order A man of virtue considered his jade to be the symbol of his virtue and he took great care not to lose it. Clearly, jade played a very important role in people's spiritual and cultural life during the period. There are many moving historical stories about the jade treasures of the different kingdoms of the time.

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