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Beijing gifts APEC leaders cultural presents

2014-11-14 14:08:59



The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders' week in Beijing has ended. But the organizing committee prepared cultural gifts for leaders and officials from the 21 member economies to take home in the hopes that the souvenirs will provide some memories and impressions of China.

A golden key, with a white marble base holder, a silk painting and a calligraphy set were among gifts the Beijing APEC organizing committee handed out to represent both the city and the country.

Every year, the host city presents a golden key to VIPs. But this year, it is a little more special.

"Every key is engraved with the design of Beijing's popular tourist attractions, including the Palace Museum, the Great Wall and the Summer Palace," head of gift suppliers Chen Shaoshu said.

"Meanwhile, the key, along with the marble base represents the Chinese saying 'Jin shi wei kai', which means 'sincerity can even break metal and stone.' So these are very meaningful gifts."

The other two gifts are also distinctly Chinese. The silk painting shows the buildings and scenes along Beijing's central axis, and the calligraphy includes writings in classical Chinese.

The four presents come in a red box, the design of which was inspired by the red gate of the Palace Museum.

"It's a traditional design," Chen said. "We use the red color of the gate and the doorknob on it. It means Beijing welcomes the leaders and guests."

Ministerial delegates were presented with a set of APEC badges, decorated with landmark buildings from the 21 economies that were represented.

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