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Artist focuses on poor quality artworks

2014-08-07 10:59:38



Shenyang-basedartist Yang Fan focuses on poor quality artworks and discusses the truth of values in his solo exhibition Values System. In his work from the past two years, Yang paints rows of beautiful but inexpensive buttons of different shapes by which he indicates the downgrading of aesthetic values. He paints healthy looking organs, a sarcastic comment on the fact that the human body loses its value if it is "standardized".

11 am-6 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, until Aug 17. Space Station, Zhong Yi Jie (Street), 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu (Road), Chaoyang district,Beijing. 010-5978-9671.

Revolution, oil paint, 200x450cm, 2014. Photos provided toChina Daily



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