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Sweat and talent

2013-09-06 16:34:08

(China Daily)


Things never came easy for celebrated artist Huang Yongyu, but hard work has made him a master even in old age, Lin Qi reports.

Asked to reflect on his decades-long art career, Huang Yongyu stresses every word of his reply: "It has been so toilsome."

His voice is imbued with uncommon seriousness, rather than the humor and wit he usually speaks with.

"I didn't receive adequate schooling, neither did I attend a regular art school. I acquired all my techniques by picking up a little bit from here and a little bit from there," says the accomplished painter, writer and poet.

"It's like an architecture that is not built on solid foundations and has a twisted appearance. It is a weak point but also has formed the distinctive style of my works."

Having just turned 90 in August, Huang still works as diligently as he did in his youth: He spends eight to nine hours a day writing and painting.

Lotus has been a recurring object in Huang Yongyu's works, such as Lotus and Red-crowned Cranes (top) in 2007 and Nine Lotuses (below) in 2011. Photos Provided to China Daily

He is celebrating his 90th birthday with two publications, a complete collection of his literature and artworks, and the first part of his autobiography. He also has a retrospective exhibition currently on show at the National Museum of China.

At the same venue, he celebrated his 80th birthday with an art show that also toured to Hong Kong.

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