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Clothing of Luoba: Hymn to Nature


In modern times, the Luoba people have mastered making clothes as advancement in the weaving industry takes place. Clothes made by the Luoba community are often made of wool. Producing a piece of male apparel involves sewing two pieces of clothing together and leaving 10 inches open for the neck. First, the jacket is put on and then a belt is wrapped around the waist, creating a collarless, back-front-separate jacket.

Luoba Weaving: Seeking for Its Future at the Shanghai World Expo

Due to its non-Tibetan characteristic, Luoba weaving takes up a unique place among all the other intangible cultural heritages that are displayed at the Tibetan Gallery during the Shanghai World Expo. Luoba weaving has just been added to the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Collection in Tibet”, and is seeking future development.

Further conservation of Luoba weaving requires a call for more governmental support and social help. There is more to be done to protect an intangible cultural heritage from such a small a population. The Luoba people share their wisdom via having more communication with other ethnic groups. In this sense, bringing their weaving to the Shanghai World Expo is one of the best ways.

Editor: Shi Liwei

Translated by Zhu Yifan


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