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Clothing of Luoba: Hymn to Nature


Women of Luoba usually wear a collarless, linen-made coat with thin sleeves, and then add a piece of ox hide to the coat. A tightly-worn skirt often goes with foot-bindings to cover their legs. In the summer, their clothing differs little from that of the male. In the winter, however, female clothing features a rectangular, pu lu-made shawl.

Meanwhile, Luoba people pay a lot of attention to their accessories. They may wear silver and bronze bracelets, rings, and other various jewelry. These accessories could come to weigh more than 20 pounds. The number of accessories worn is an indicator of a family’s wealth. And women are eager to put on all of their jewelry during festivals to run for a beauty contest.

Examples of Luoba Clothes

Male Outfit Made of Yak Felt

This a standard outfit for males coming from Bo Gaer (a sub-group of Luoba). The black sleeveless jacket consists of two rectangular pieces of cloth made of pu lu, and an 11-inch wide collar. The belt around the waist, which is made of cane or fur, has a series of ornaments on it. Around the neck is a necklace made of turquoise. Bear fur, when covered with canes, forms the hat. Inside the coat, males wear a covering-to-knee robe made of ox fur, goat fur or pu lu. When men go hunting, they add an additional leather-made vest with a belt to fix it on the shoulder.

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