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Summer carnival at Chaoyang Park's Ocean Beach Festival

2014-07-18 17:04:16



Time for fun in the water at the 2014 Ocean Beach Carnival at Chaoyang Park. Photo taken July 17, 2014. [Photo: Dong Xinran]

Golden beach, flowing waves, bright sunshine and hot samba--Rio de Janeiro in Brazil? Almost: it's the 2014 Ocean Beach Carnival at Chaoyang Park in Beijing. This year's carnival opened on June 28th, and it will last until August 31st.

20,000 square meters of "Olympic sand" beaches, plus 5,000 square meters of lakes and pools make Chaoyang Park a popular summer resort. Despite the Beijing heat, the carnival has already attracted a large number of residents and tourists, families making up the majority. "The average number of people who participated in the carnival is about 4,500 each day", said Liu Fei, a member of the Ocean Beach Festival organizing committee.

The carnival consists of the water playing area, the beach area, and the stage area. They are places of fun for kids and adults alike.

In the water playing area, the kids take great delight on the water slides and having water fights. The adults enjoy themselves playing water polo or simply relaxing in the cool water. The beach area is a gallery of various sand creations from both kids and adults and many people choose to pass a lazy afternoon sun-bathing on the soft fine sand. In the stage area, occasional performances are a highlight of the festival. Performances by cute sea lions or sexy Brazilian dancers draw laughter and applause from the audience.

This year's particular highlight is the "long jump athletes" invited from Australia: two lovely kangaroos will be on display at their new home in the park. Other highlights include interactive water sports and contests hosted by Beijing Television Station, and the appearance of many big stars invited from the sports and entertainment circles.

Still wondering where to have fun and excitement since the World Cup has come to an end? Sand and surf await at Chaoyang Park's Ocean Beach Festival.

Address: Chaoyang Park

Opening Hours: 9:00 -- 21:30 June 28th 2014 -- Aug 31st 2014

Ticket Price: 90 yuan (weekdays); 60 yuan (weekdays, after 18:00); 140 yuan (weekends and holidays)

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