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Opening the book of you

2014-06-26 13:47:17

(Shanghai Star) By Yu Ran


Participants at Me Library share stories over afternoon tea. [Photo provided to Shanghai Star]

A new chapter begins at Me Library, a bookstore where people can share personal stories with others. Yu Ran listens in.

The case for dads

100 books for young readers 

Everyone is a unique storybook that can be read by others only through face-to-face communication. Me Library, a bookstore offering opportunities for young people to express their feelings and share personal stories, is keen to help people know themselves better.

Every two weeks, a themed storytelling afternoon takes place in the small bookstore located in a neighborhood bathed in sunshine, where even the cats are happy to congregate. People sit around the table and tell their personal stories in front of other members, who are welcome to give their opinions and comments.

"I am fond of reading and sharing book reviews with others, which was the original purpose of organizing reading-related activities, as well as to bring people closer," says Luo Qi, the founder of Me Library.

When sharing reading experiences, Luo found that participants would easily relate what they read to their own feelings and experience, which would resonate with others. Since then, communication has been central to the bookstore’s activities.

At the moment, Me Library has 100 registered members who take part in regular events. Various activities are available, ranging from reading events and themed seminars, to walking tours and design work sharing. All invite members to speak out in their authentic voices.

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