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Large scale ruins of ancient city unearthed in Inner Mongolia

2014-02-17 15:35:54



Chinese archaeologists unearthed ruins of a huge ancient city – Shengle (30 km south of Hohhot) which dates back to the late Northen Wei Dynasty (386 - 534 AD) in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

A large-scale funerary monument of 56 ancient tombs, which date back to the Warring States period (475 BC- 211 BC) was found at the archaeological site along with burial objects and another 20 tombs in different historical period.

The rectangular remains of the ancient funerary monuments were discovered during the construction of a local economic zone by accident, according to Wang Dafang, an official with Inner Mongolia Cultural Heritage Office. Those burial objects were mainly made of pottery, bronze, iron and jade. And the ancient tombs could be traced back to three historical time periods.

This discovery offers more information for the research on history and cultural division of the ancient city and help people better understand the history of the ancient dynasties.