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Deeper knowledge about spa

2013-12-03 14:25:22



Health benefits

Besides being a popular way to relax, visiting a spa is also known to have various health benefits. A spa’s curative power lies in the minerals found in the water. A warm mineral spa can be effective in curing the following diseases: obesity, motor system diseases like chronic rheumatic arthritis, nerve system disorders like neurologic damage, cardiovascular diseases and skin diseases.

Hot springs, which have temperatures between 38℃~40℃ can soothe the body and have curing effects on insomnia, high blood pressure and heart disease. While hot springs above 43℃ help stimulate the body and make a big difference for people with cardiovascular diseases, it also can strengthen the immune system and prevent many other diseases.

Spa resorts around the world also feature various spa styles to attract female customers. The most popular ones include aromatherapy, along with mud and steam baths, to name a few. Complementary services like nail and facial care, massages, skin exfoliation and waxing are also offered to give women a comfortable all-compassing spa experience.

Tips for taking a bath in hot spring

1. No metal accessories

2. Avoid limosis and taking bath after meal or drinking

3. Chose proper temperature from low to high, each takes 15-20 mins

4. People with dry skin should apply moisturizing immediately lotion after the bath

5. Avoid having bath alone

6. According to water quality, hot spring can be departed to 4 types, neutral carbonated spring, alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring, saline spring and sulphur spring. Different components have different curative effects.

7. Have a bath with bath foam before entering hot spring

8. Dermatopaths and pregnant women should not encouraged to have a hot spring bath

9. Drink water after the bath

10. It is better not to have a hot spring bath before or after women’s periods

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