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Monks and nuns make Buddhist music more appealing

2013-09-04 09:40:57

(Global Times)


Nuns practise playing the violin on a cliff top at the Tiantai Mountain. (GT)

Imagine a scene where several nuns wearing white robes are standing on a high cliff while playing the violin. No, this is not some drug-fueled illusion or a scene from a movie, this takes place regularly at Tiantai Mountain, Hong'an county, Hubei Province.

Deep in the Dabieshan Mountain area of Central China, the Guangxuan Art Troupe, made up of more than 40 monks and nuns aged between 7 and 42 from Tiantai Temple and established in March 2008, is gaining increasing popularity.

Instead of the instruments that have long been traditional for Buddhist music, the members of this troupe use Western instruments such as violins and cellos. Besides staging shows at the temple, the troupe has also been invited to perform for charity activities.

In addition to playing classical pieces by Mozart or Bach, the troupe also stages performances like chorus, recitals and dances.

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