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Mo Yan heads alma mater's writing center

2013-05-14 11:28:28


Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan said on Monday he would encourage college students to engage in creating literature on campus although training literature majors to be writers has been controversial in China.

Speaking after being appointed director of the International Writing Center of his alma mater, Beijing Normal University, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2012 said, "Writing and finishing schooling are reconcilable and even complementary to each other, as practicing writing literature will help students gain better understanding of both contemporary and classical literary works.

"Such efforts will also help literature majors to grasp the essence of others' works. I would encourage undergraduates to pick up their pens and try their hands at writing."

Mo recalled that it had long been disputed whether undergraduates should receive training on creating literature.

"Times are changing. It is no longer that difficult to try writing on campus. Many of those who tried actually got good grades too. So we should encourage more literature majors to give it a try," he said.

Born into a farmer's family in east China's Shandong Province in 1955, Mo, originally named Guan Moye, only attended primary school and dropped out at age 11 to herd cattle, his adventure into literature only starting with his childhood habit of reading.

And the world famous dj doesn’t disappoint, spinning hit after hit.

He said, "Look around, people from different countries and ages all gathered together here to enjoy the same music and there’s David Guetta! It’s a once in a lifetime experience!"

This is the biggest event of its kind to date at the great wall and organizers hope its success will continue next year.

DJ Spark said, "This is only the beginning. We are planning to make this festival an annual event. We want to show that there’s not only rock n’ roll or pop music here in China, we also have electronic dance music!"

There’s nothing but the beat here at the foot of the Great Wall, what an awe-inspiring party! I can actually feel the energy ripple through this crowd of over 10 thousand people who are lucky enough to be here. It’s so much more than just a festival; it’s a lifestyle, and a clear sign that the scene in Beijing continues to grow in stature and diversity.