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Senegalese Girl Studies Chinese Medicine


Back in the 1980s, China welcomed its first higher-education student from Africa. Since then, diplomatic and social relations between China and Africa have grown in every aspect. CCTV reporter Liu Yang went to meet a girl from Senegal who's studying here in Beijing and hoping to become an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Learning traditional Chinese medicine is no easy job. It requires intense study and practice. Mama Awa Ly Fall, from Senegal, has been studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture for three years. She spends several hours practising acupuncture, diagnosis, and Tuina, a form of Chinese massage therapy, here at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Awa says her years in China have been worthwhile.

Mama Awa Ly Fall, student, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said, “It’s been 5 years since I come to China, I have not only learned Chinese medicine but Chinese culture. Study-wise, I think it’s a great experience for me study Chinese medicine and Tuina to help patient, I hope I can use that in the future.”

Awa welcomed us to her dorm, where this tiny little room that she believes carried her dreams and hopes for the future. She doesn't have to worry about tuition fees, thanks to a Chinese Government Scholarship. But a life without family beside her is still hard. Despite sometimes feeling lonely, she says nothing can stop her pursuing her goal. Even for Chinese people, memorizing more than 365 acupuncture points is no easy task.

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