Feature: Chinese comedy-mystery movie impresses Egyptian audience in New Year

Updated: 2019-01-10 14:56

The Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo displayed late Thursday the comedy-mystery "Detective Chinatown 2" movie amid series of activities to celebrate the New Year.

Shaima Salah, student of the faculty of political sciences at Cairo University, praised the techniques used by the director in tackling a comic investigative movie in "an interesting way."

"The zany comedic mystery never took my eyes off the screen," Salah told Xinhua.

The dialogue was so rapid, and if you look away for a second, you will miss something in the plot, according to Salah.

She stressed the films play an important role in bringing the peoples closer, mirroring the civilizations and achieving common understanding.

Salah, who visited the cultural center for the first time, said the Chinese people are very "hospitable and have many in common with the Egyptians related to arts."

She added that she will be keen in the future to come with her friends to attend more events and get more integrated with the Chinese friends.

Shi Yuewen, Chinese Cultural Counselor to Egypt, welcomed the Chinese and Egyptian audience, adding that more activities to boost cultural ties and celebrate the year 2019 will be held at the center throughout the year.

"The event, conducted in the third day of 2019, is a celebration of the New Year," said Mahmoud Alaam, former Egyptian ambassador to Beijing.

Many Chinese cultural activities have been held in Egypt, and that the Chinese cinema will add new perspective to the cultural cooperation between the two countries, said Alaam.

Detective Chinatown 2, directed by Chen Sicheng, tells the story of a buffoonish ex-cop and his genius detective partner trying to solve a rash of grisly serial murders in the city of New York.

He described the director of the movie as very professional and impressive in managing to film a chase scene in Times Square.

He advised the audience to follow the plot till the end because it is quite "an entertaining story."

The Chinese cinema promotion will add more value to the Chinese cultural and economic progress, the ambassador reiterated.

"I enjoyed the movie although it was a bit mysterious, but the comic sense was incredible," he added, noting the new Chinese cinema has enormous potentials.

He added the mutual ties between the two countries last year have witnessed great momentum at the investment and commercial levels.