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Sinologists share their experiences

The 2016 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists concluded on July 22, with a closing ceremony attended by Minister of Culture Luo Shugang and deputy dean of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Cai Fang.

Sinologists attend lectures by renowned Chinese scholars

Sinologists attending a lecture by renowned Chinese historian Ge Jianxiong at the National Library of China on July 6, 2016, during the 2016 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists.

My passion for Chinese art and culture: Italian Sinologist

I was born in a small town, Tolentino, in the heart of Italy, not far from the hometown of the great Italian Sinologist Matteo Ricci

I am a heritage speaker of Chinese: American Sinologist

I am a heritage speaker of Chinese; when I was growing up in Los Angeles, my weekends and summers were spent in Chinese school. In college, I continued Chinese as a foreign language and majored in the history of Asia.

My love of China began with a thank-you note : Anita Manya Koetse

I remember it was a hot and humid day, somewhere in 2000, when my mother waved at every taxi that passed along the old Suzhou road. We had come there by train from Shanghai to visit the city’s famous classical gardens.

Young Sinologists worldwide gather to learn Chinese culture through art

Members of the Visiting Program for Young Sinologists 2016 pay a visit to the National Art Museum of China on July 14.

Sinologists visit the National Library of China during study program

Sinologists look at a display of ancient Chinese books at the National Library of China as the 2016 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists begins on July 4, 2016. 

Brazilian Sinologist: My Chinese Story

Studying at Peking University has always been my dream and the Confucius Institute program of a PhD fellowship is giving me the opportunity to try to realize this dream.

Greater people-to-people interaction needed: Indian Sinologist

It was in school when I heard of China for the first time. Our school text books had references about Chinese travelers visiting India. I used to wonder as to how these travelers traversed mighty mountains – the Himalayas.

Beijing has opened my mind

This fascination never let me go. Ever since, I have been observing political and socio-economic affairs in China.

All roads lead to Sinology

As a European child, my interest for China, Chinese history and civilization naturally started with the discovery of Marco Polo’s 13th Century travels.

The story of China and I: Canadian Sinologist

Erin Williams is the project supervisor of Canada Asian-Pacific Fund. Her research areas include international relations and the Sino-Canadian bilateral relationship.

The fourth Visiting Program for Young Sinologists kicks off

The 2016 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists kicked off with an official opening ceremony at the National Library of China on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

The 4th visiting program for young sinologists will kick off in Beijing

The third round of a visiting program for young Sinologists this year is coming. The commencement ceremony of the program will be held at the National Library on July 4. About 33 young Sinologists from 27 countries will start their journey in China.



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