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Chinese Culture Center,3rd quarter of 2009




The Drama Troupe from the Chinese Culture Center participates in the National Chinese Drama Festival Finals in Mauritius


The Chinese Drama Troupe from the Chinese Culture Center gives performance


Variety show for the 60th anniversary celebration of the People’s Republic of China’s National Day with institutions such as Mauritius Xinhua School



Focus on China—Pictorial Exhibition of the Beijing Olympics


 Pictorial Exhibition of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of National Day  

 Exhibition of Paintings by Mauritian Chinese Painters on 60th Anniversary Celebration of National Day


Replace Window Display Pictures at Regular Intervals



Spring Subway

July 11

Gua Sha

 July 25
 Shower  August 15
 Farewell to Death  August 29
 Xiaoyao Valley of Song Mountain  September 12
 Not One Less  September 26

"DiscoveringChina" Lecture Series 

Unroll the Chinese Scroll ---Interpret the Chinese Cultural Elements of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony  

 Lecture on Health Qigong by the Chinese Health Qigong Association



The Second “Journey into Chinese Films”: Excellent Chinese Film Screening


The Third “Happy Chinese”: Humorous Story Telling


Dance Class: Class A (intermediate class) 18:30 -20:30, Monday and Thursday

Class B (primary class) 19:00 - 20:30, Tuesday and Friday

Class C (children's class)  18:30 - 19:30 Wednesday (Class C1) 19:40-20:40 Wednesday (Class C2)


Tai Chi Chuan Class: Class A (Primary Class) 18:30 -19:20 Monday and Thursday

 Class B (Advanced Class) 19:30 —20:30 Monday and Thursday


 Martial Arts Class: Class A (Primary Class) 18:30 —20:30 Tuesday and Friday

   Class B (Advanced Class) 19:30 —20:30 Tuesday and Friday

 New Chinese Language teachers start to recruit students after arriving Mauritius.  


Reading Room Opening Hours

 8:30 —12:00, 13:00 —16:30 Monday to Friday



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