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Spanish singer tells his decades-long love for China

2015-09-28 15:13:25

Spanish singer Julio Iglesias talked about his passion for China since his visit to the country in 1980s, and praised its culture in a recent interview.

Swan Lake hits the stage in Suzhou

2015-09-28 10:55:32

The classic ballet Swan Lake by the Russian State Ballet was performed at the People's Conference Hall in Suzhou, Jiangsu province on Friday and Saturday.

Folk singer pushes to preserve the voice of a Miao epic

2015-09-01 07:41:00

Chen Xinghua's childhood idol was his late uncle, Wei Changxiu - an esteemed folk singer in Daha, a mountainous and isolated village located in Ziyun county, Guizhou province.

Tian Longxin’s musical journey

2014-12-30 16:26:00

Tian Longxin is known today as the “living soul of Tujia music” and “leader of aboriginal Tujia folk music in China.” Born in Hunan Province, Tian is fluent in the Tujia language and an expert in Tujia folk music.

Qingpu Field Songs

2014-12-02 10:02:51

A Voice From Afar: Uyghur Music

2014-12-02 10:02:51

The most celebrated music in Xinjiang today is Uygur folk music, which has inherited the fine traditions of the ancient music in the region.

Mongolian swan songs

2014-12-01 09:52:46

It's a beautiful song known at every campfire around which Mongolians gather. Wang Kaihao looks at the stories behind the Urad ballads, and also the threatened crafts in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, that are slowly disappearing.

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