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Tips on Studying Abroad in China


Today, at the beginning of the new century, China is continuing to reform and open up to the outside world. By the middle of this century, China will have basically realized the Four Modernizations. A strong, democratic, and highly civilized China in the eastern hemisphere will play an important role in maintaining world peace and a prosperous international economy, and will ensure a glorious future for all mankind. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an attractive choice for foreign students. Here is some information for those foreign students applying to study in China.


Ways to Apply to Study in China

The first way is via exchanges between governments. In other words, students can apply under the bilateral exchanges agreements between the respective governments.

The second way is via inter-college exchanges, which are handled in accordance with exchanges agreements between colleges or universities.

The third way is via recommendations by communities. This can mean applying by means of China's relevant organizations or directly to related universities or colleges in China by foreign universities or colleges, educational organizations, or friendship groups.

The fourth way is via individual applications. In other words, individual students may apply through China's relevant agencies or directly to the relevant universities or colleges in China.

Preparation of Application Materials

First, submit appropriate application forms for studying in China. Second, submit a Physical Examination Record for Foreigners form. Third, submit copies of the most recent diploma, courses learned, and transcripts. Fourth (for those applying for a Master's degree or doctoral degree studies), submit recommendation letters by two teachers with titles of or above associate professor. Fifth, apart from the above items, a consignee identification of matters in China and a certificate of economic guarantee need to be provided for those studying at their own expense.

Sixth, the above materials must be in Chinese or English, or with translation in any of these two languages. Relevant forms may be available from Chinese embassies (consulates) or concerned universities in China.

When to Apply

Foreign students of bilateral exchanges projects between governments should apply through relevant departments of their own countries, which are in charge of choosing and sending students to China, from February 1 to April 30.

Foreign students of inter-college exchange projects and those self-supported students, the time for application is usually from September l5 to December l5 of the previous year for the spring term, and from February 15 to June 15 the autumn term. More information is usually available in admission brochures of universities.

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