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Compulsory Education


The Law of the People's Republic of China on Compulsory Education promulgated in 1986 contains a clear stipulation on the provision of a nine-year compulsory education in China.

It says: All children who have reached the age of six, regardless of sex, ethnicity and race, shall enter a school to receive compulsory education of a prescribed year limit.

It also set forth the principle of achieving objectives for provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government in accordance with their respective economic, cultural and other conditions in a step-by-step way.

Compulsory education must be carried out according to education guidelines of the state and must enable children to develop in an all-round way -- physically, intellectually, morally and aesthetically. The state, society, schools and family shall secure the right of school-age children to receive education.

Compulsory education consists of two stages: primary education and junior secondary education. It is proposed to popularize junior secondary education based on the popularization of primary education. The school system of primary education and junior secondary education shall be set up by responsible education department of the State Council. No tuition shall be collected for compulsory education. The state allocates subsidiary funds to help students from poor family go to school.

Parents and guardians shall send school-age children to school in time to receive compulsory education. If school-age children suffer from diseases or for some special reasons need to delay the time of going to school or not to go to school, their parents or guardians should seek the approval of local people's government. No organization or individual is permitted to use school-age children as child labor.

Governments at different levels must create opportunities for school-age children to receive compulsory education.

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