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Statues on One-Thousand Buddha Cliff


The Statues on the One-Thousand Buddha Cliff are located at the foot of Baihu Mountain in Liufu Village, Licheng County, Shandong Province.

The stone carvings are major relics from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) found in Shandong Province, containing over 210 statues and 43 inscriptions along the 63-meter-long cliff from north to south. The statues were mostly carved during 618-684, as well as in the later dynasties. There are also five bigger caves with 2.6-meter-tall statues of noble people, such as government officials, relatives of emperors and famous monks. The most famous statues are of Princess Nanping and her husband, Liu Xuanyi.

The Dragon and Tiger (Longhu) Pagoda, located near the statues, is a famous pagoda, with its name for the dragon and tiger carved on the gate lintel. Although there is no accurate record for the carvings, judging form the character of the construction, it is believed the pagoda was built during the Tang Dynasty and enlarged in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The 10.8-meter-tall, square pagoda was built with bricks and stones. Its body was carved with dragons, tigers, Buddha and flying Apsaras, all of which reveal the Tang style.

The three-layered stone base is decorated with relief sculptures of lotus flowers and lions. The roof of the pagoda is brick and there are Buddha niches in the chamber walls with flying Apsaras carved on the top of the niches. In the center of the chamber is a square pillar with Buddha engravings on both sides from the Song Dynasty. The pagoda is famous for its delicate design and exquisite carvings.

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