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Cathay Bookshop Publishing House


The Cathay Bookshop Publishing House is a professional ancient book press that engages in publishing all kind books about Chinese traditional culture and subjects in Chinese ancient books or history documents and researches. Cathay Bookshop House was established in 1959. In 1988, it was under the command of Beijing Press and Publication Administration.

At the end of 1978, in order to promote and resume the operation tradition of ancient books, it began to resume the arranging and publishing of ancient books with authorization of the state. It sorts out and publishes ancient books and documents in the form of reproduction and photocopying, and traditional thread binding.

Qusao Zhizhang, which was published in April 1979, was the first book that Cathay Bookshop Publishing House had published after it resumed publishing. Soon afterwards, in cooperation with thePalaceMuseum,BeijingNormalUniversity, and relevant units inShanghai,Tianjin,HunanandHenanprovinces, Cathay Bookshop Publishing House has arranged,checked and matched scores of thousands of wood blocks, and sorted out and published a batch of important documents and ancient books. Since 1979, Cathay Bookshop Publishing House has published more than 1,850 titles of books.

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