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China Social Sciences Press


The China Social Sciences Press was established in June 1978, sponsored and administrated byChineseAcademyof Social Sciences. It is a state-level press that mainly publishes academic works on humanistic and social sciences.

The major task and publishing policy of the China Social Sciences Press are: compiling and publishing excellent achievements of scholars in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the nation-wide circle of philosophy and social science and the cultural circle, including monographs, documents, textbooks, teaching reference books, tool books, and popular readers; publishing the Chinese version of important humanistic and social science works of other countries. Its publication objectives are: with the purpose of serving research, popularization, and application of humanistic and social sciences, with people possessing junior college degrees and above as its targeted readers, focusing on publishing high-level academic works with both social effects and economic returns, and popular readers with strong ideology, culture and knowledge.

China Social Sciences Press has been in contact with and united a lot of first-class scholars and authors. It has established copyright trading relations with scores of countries and areas. Since its establishment, it has published nearly 4,000 titles of books, and now it publishes nearly 400 titles of books every year. Many of them are important projects of the nation andChineseAcademyof Social Sciences, and excellent achievements of first-class scholars inChina. It has also imported and published Chinese versions of a lot of overseas masterpieces and excellent works.

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