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China Translation and Publishing Corporation


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China Translation and Publishing Corporation is one of the presses directly under the leadership of State Administration of Press and Publishing. It was first established in 1973 to render translation services for the United Nations, and is appointed by the State Council, Foreign Ministry, and Beijing Municipal Government as a major organization to translate documents concerning foreign affairs that have legal effectiveness. It boasts a well-trained team of foreign language translation talents.

The books published by China Translation and Publishing Corporation can be classified into the following categories:

1.Language reference books: Including bilingual dictionaries, specialized dictionaries on economy, trade and law, and various reference books for translators.

2. Foreign language learning books: Including foreign-Chinese and Chinese-foreign comparison books, annotated books, simple books, books with tapes, foreign language learning assistance books and original foreign language books.

3. Works concerning translation theories and skills.

4. Chinese and international works on social science, culture, and management.

5. Foreign classical works.

6. Prospects: A Quarterly Review on Education and The UNESCO Courier monthly of the United Nations system.

7. Excellent Chinese works.

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