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Encyclopedia of China Publishing House


Encyclopedia of China Publishing House is a professional press that compiles and publishesEncyclopedia of China, and various other comprehensive and special encyclopedias and dictionaries. It was established inBeijingonNovember 18, 1978, approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.

Encyclopedia of Chinais the first large-scale comprehensive modern encyclopedia inChina, the first edition of which was published in different volumes according to subjects or knowledge classification, totally 73 volumes. By the end of 1989, 42 volumes had been published. It is one of the largest encyclopedias in the world. The Encyclopedia of China Publishing House has also translated and published theConcise Encyclopedia Britannica(10 volumes), which was originally compiled and printed by American Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., and theSoviet Encyclopedia Dictionaryoriginally compiled and published by the former Soviet Encyclopedia Publishing House. In addition, it also publishes the Encyclopedia Knowledge monthly.

The Encyclopedia of China Publishing House has a branch press inShanghai, which mainly undertakes the publishing and printing ofEncyclopedia of China. The Knowledge Press subordinate to the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House (havingBeijingandShanghaieditions) is a comprehensive publishing unit that publishes the latest research achievements and basic knowledge of science, culture and various other fields. It has published several kinds of reference books, and publishes more than 200 titles of books every year.

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