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Intellectual Property Press


The Intellectual Property Press (the former Patent Document Press) was established in 1980, sponsored and administrated by the State Intellectual Property Administration. It is a national-level press and electronic publishing unit approved by the General Administration of Press and Publishing, and the legal publisher for patent documents. The Intellectual Property Press is composed of three major entities and functional organs: the editorial department, the electronic publishing department and Zhongxian Electronic Technology Developing Center. Since the implementation of the Chinese Patent Law in 1985, the Intellectual Property Press has been responsible for publishing and distributingChina's patent documents, and it has published about 600 thousand Chinese patent documents. In August 1992, it published the first batch of Chinese patent documents CD-ROM, which was the first formal publication on the media of CD-ROM for publishing units in our country.

Annually, the Intellectual Property Press publishes more than 100 titles of books and electronic publications concerning intellectual property rights and its related technology and social science.

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