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Culture Relics Publishing House


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Founded in 1957, the Cultural Relics Publishing House is the only press specialized in Chinese archaeology and cultural relics with a wide gamut of publications: reports on excavation; antique catalogs of important cultural relics, translated works, tool books, reference books, textbooks on cultural relics and archaeology; unearthed documents; ancient paintings and calligraphy; rubbings from inscribed steles; and replicas of rare books; books on history, culture, art, folk custom and scenic spots that are related to cultural relics and archaeology; albums in honor of important men and women in modern and current history and their manuscripts; audio and video publications of the foregoing categories.

In the past 50 years, the Cultural Relics Publishing House has published plenty of excellent books. After the founding of PRC, significant archaeological achievements that attract attentions both at home and abroad have emerged one after another. The Cultural Relics Publishing House has published series of reports on excavations and unearthed documents, as well as series of dissertations and comprehensive research works of international scholastic quality. In this way, it has timely and accurately provided the domestic and international academic circles with detailed firsthand data; therefore, it has been recognized by domestic and international scholars, and enriched the treasure house of Chinese and world culture. Additionally, there are a greater number of various exquisite antique catalogs and albums and popular books on cultural relics. Of these excellent books, some have been chosen as diplomatic presents, or even national presents, by state leaders to present to foreign leaders.

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