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World Affairs Press


The World Affairs Press was established in 1934, with bridging China and the world as its purpose. The periodical ofWorld Affairsand numerous other books have played special historical roles in helping readers to know the world and promotingChinato move toward the world.

The World Affairs Press publishes four periodicals:World Affairs,World Affairs Pictorial,World Vision, andEnglish Salon, and books and reference books that introduce other countries' politics, economy and culture. It has published more than 2,000 titles of books, which are concerned with international politics, diplomacy, economy, culture, military affairs and science and technology in forms of translated works, monographs, biographies, as well as literary works based on actual events.

In diplomacy, there are such authoritative works asthe Diplomatic History of the People's Republic ofChina(1949-1956),China's Diplomacy(one volume each year), andthe Postwar Diplomatic History of Great Powers.

It has also published the biographies of a lot of famous international figures of the modern times, including Nixon, Bush, Jacques Chirac, Saddam Hussein, and Gorbachev.

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