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The Commercial Press


The Commercial Press is a publishing organization with the longest history inChina's modern publishing undertakings. It was established in Shanghai in 1897. Later, a number of branch presses have been established at home and abroad.

After 1949, due to historical reasons, the branch presses inHong Kong,Singapore,Kuala LumpurandTaiwanhas been operated independently. In 1954, the Commercial Press moved to Beijing. It focuses on compiling and translating academic works on world philosophy and social science, books that introduce development of schools of philosophy, politics, economy, history and geography in other countries, and compiling reference booksinChinese as well as foreign languages, including research works, textbooks, and popular books. In the last 100 years, the Commercial Press has published more than 30 thousand titles of books.

The Commercial Press is the first modern publishing enterprise inChina. Its emergence symbolized the beginning of modern publishing undertakings inChina. For a long time, the Commercial Press has made great contribution to the promoting of Chinese culture, and it enjoys good reputation both at home and abroad.

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