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People's Music Press


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The People's Music Press is a press specializing in publishing music books, which was established in Beijing in October 1954 by the publishing department of the China Musicians Association and Shanghai New Music Press.

By 1988, the People's Music Press had published nearly 5,000 titles of music books. In recent years, it publishes about 250 titles of books every year, including music works and treatises of various categories at all times all over the world. The music works include traditional and folk songs and instrumental songs; the collection of songs of various historical periods; special collections of famous composers both at home and abroad; monographic or integrated song collections; large and medium-sized works of vocal music; works of orchestral music and chamber music; soli and etudes of Chinese and Western instruments; and regional operas, etc. The music treatises include works on music history, music documents, music aesthetics and science, ethnic and folk music research, and composition and performance theories. In addition, there are also books on introduction of Chinese and foreign musicians, instrument playing skills, fundamental music knowledge, music textbooks and reference books for higher education institutions, middle schools and elementary schools, music dictionaries, picture books, and other reference books, and some books and works on dancing.

Ever since 1983, the People's Music Press has begun to produce and publish talking books, nearly 30 titles every year. It also set up a tape-reproducing factory, and a small-scale recording studio, forming the sequential production line with the whole process of compiling, recording, producing and selling. It can produce 1.5 to 1.8 million music tapes every year.

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