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People's Fine Arts Publishing House


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The People's Fine Arts Publishing House is a national press specializing in fine arts. It was established in Beijing in September 1951.

The People's Fine Arts Publishing House mainly publishes various Chinese excellent works and treatises of fine arts, sorts out and publishes ethnic artistic heritage, as well as publishes and introduces foreign works and relevant treatises of fine arts that are valuable in research and for reference. Its publications include: various albums and treatises of fine arts and photograph, textbooks of fine arts and books on practical skills, comic strips, New Year paintings, posters, periodicals of fine arts and art series. In the past 40 years, it has published nearly ten thousand titles of books, pictures, and periodicals. Since 1987, it has been publishing about 400 titles every year, among which new editions account for more than two-thirds. Many of its publications have been highly praised by the artistic circle at home and abroad, and have been welcomed by numerous readers.

Since 1981, the People's Fine Arts Publishing House has carried out publishing cooperation with countries likeJapan,France,England,Belgium, the formerSoviet UnionandAustralia. By 1988, more than 20 titles had been jointly published.

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