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The People's Press


The People's Press, established after the founding of the People's Republic of China, is the first publishing house for national political books, and also a national publishing house for multi-subject books concerning social sciences. It was established inBeijingin December 1950.

Early in 1921, soon after the establishment of the Communist Party of China, the Party set about establishing the first publishing organization of her own, which was named the People's Press. It was in the charge of Li Da, the then propaganda director of the CPC Central Committee. In order to expand the propaganda of Marxism, the People's Press took publishing and distributing theoretical works and translated works of Marxism as its major task.

The People's Press established after the founding of the People's Republic ofChinawas the continuation of the Party's publishing house in the 1920s and also its development in the new historical period. It mainly publishes classical works on Marxism-Leninism, works of the veteran Chinese revolutionists, important documents of the Party and the nation and speeches and works of the leaders, the history of the Communist Party of China, books for construction of the Party, books on economy, philosophy, politics, scientific socialism and history, important documents of other countries' communist parties and speeches and works of their leaders, and other representative overseas political and academic books and references.

Ever since early 1950s, the Sanlian Bookshop of Life ・ Reading ・ Knowledge, World Affairs Press, the Popular Reader Press, the Law Press and the Rural Reader Press had been merged into this press. Later the Popular Reader Press was disbanded, and other presses have been gradually separated from it to operate independently. It publishes books of 250 to 300 titles every year.

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