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Peking University Press


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The predecessor of Peking University Press is the Translation Bureau and Compiling Division of the Capital College established in 1902. The famous translator and thinker, Yan Fu assumed the office of General Director of theTranslation Bureau. In 1917, the publishing department of Peking University was established which was disbanded in 1952. In 1979, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of Peking University Press, thus restoring the organizational system of Peking University Press.

As a university press, it insists on serving teaching and research, and gives top priority to the publishing of college textbooks and academic works. Its publications cover a wide range of subjects, among which textbooks and monographs account for a large proportion. These various textbooks and teaching reference books have not only met the needs of teaching and research of Peking University, but also been extensively adopted by other universities. Over half of the monographs are concerned with new subjects or front research topics, strongly promoting the development of scientific research and the construction of teaching faculty inside the university.

Peking University Press actively opens up to the outside, carrying out comprehensive cooperation in copyright and trade with first-class presses worldwide. By the end of 1999, both copyrights transferred to other countries and introduced have exceeded 400 kinds, ranking first in transferring copyrights.


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